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Support Family Owned and Operated Restaurants

Big R’s BBQ is a family-owned and operated restaurant in the Joplin, Missouri area. Big R’s was reopened by the Cox Tribe. We are still locally owned and operated by our family. We are using the same great made from scratch recipes you love with the same great service in the same great atmosphere. From our Tribe to yours!

Personal Investment

One advantage that family restaurants like ours have over giant chains is that the owners are personally invested in their business and customers. Our team wants every one of our guests to have the best possible experience, and we do our best to give everyone the personal attention they deserve.

Flexibility and Creativity

While the phrase “family restaurant” may bring up images of tradition and monotony, the truth is that smaller establishments have more freedom to experiment with their menus and recipes. We have the freedom to change things up to keep our menu interesting, while those at brand-name restaurants are stuck with the standard set of dishes served in every restaurant.

Community Support 

A third reason to give your local family restaurant a try is that it is a great way to support your community. When people eat at chain restaurants, a large percentage of that money is pulled out of the local economy and back to the chain’s headquarters. Instead, when you eat at a local, family-owned restaurant, all the money you spend goes back into supporting our community.

Contact Big Rs BBQ

To make a reservation, or for call-ahead seating, call (417) 781-5959. You can check out our menu on our website. We would love for you to visit our restaurant right here in Joplin, Mo. If you do, feel free to leave us a review. We want you to be satisfied with your visit.

Come visit us sometime!